Waterless urinals launched at Ripon building

The Chennai Corporation on Wednesday launched waterless urinals at Ripon Building. Seven urinals that do not require water for flushing but use a chemical to absorb the liquid have been installed at a total cost of Rs.1.74 lakh.

Speaking to media persons after witnessing a demonstration of the working of the urinals, Mayor M.Subramanian said that based on their performance, more such units would be installed across the city. “We could even install them in schools.”

B.Bhubesh Kumar and Pradeep, directors of Trisul Industrial Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. said the chemical comes in a kit and has to be changed after 10,000 uses when a blue liquid comes out as a warning. The cost of the kit would be Rs.2,500 each. The chemical is also supposed to cut off any stench. Regular urinals required one lakh litres of water per year, they explained...............Read More


Source Web Page: The Hindu

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