Just when viewers seek ‘anywhere television,’ here is an exciting product that brings the best of the Internet to your living room. VuNow (pronounced View Now) is all about watching free Internet videos on television, instead of watching them on smaller PC screens.  An Internet TV platform from the R&D centre of Verismo Networks, a Bangalore-based technology start-up, VuNow is a set-top box that bridges the gap between Internet video and TV.“VuNow is about bringing together the new-age multimedia-ready Internet with entertainment systems like the TV,” said Satish Mugulavalli, co-founder and chief architect of Verismo Networks. “It brings the Internet directly to the TV sets by providing a user experience and navigation which TV users are familiar with.”VuNow is not the first such product and certainly isn’t likely to be the last as technology companies vie with one another to bring the full power of the Internet to living rooms. Google, no less, is among those entering this space with a high-profile partnership with television pioneer Sony.

Mugulavalli and his co-founder Vijay Mah­eshwari hit upon the idea of creating an enriching home entertainment experience, convinced that digital entertainment content downloaded or streamed from the Internet via YouTube and other sites would continue its explosive growth...........Click for more


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