No GPRS? ‘Jaamun' offers email on any phone

Ashamed to pull your phone out in a gathering? If you have a phone that would be hidden in the darkest corner of a museum of phone-snobs, all is not lost yet. Thanks to Indian entrepreneurs ‘Jaamun,' you can now whip out that museum piece and check email on it. Oh yes, and without those GPRS charges too.

‘Jaamun's tagline is “email on any mobile,” and this simple service is what they are providing — for the simplest of phones.

‘Jaamun' is a venture by IIT Delhi alumni Pratiroop Mehta and Mayank Kumar. Mr. Mehta was previously working for the new product development team at Reliance, while Mr. Kumar was part of the enterprise software division at Microsoft India.

They started out building a mobile email client, but found that a lot of users have phones that do not support GPRS. The solution, they found, would be to leave GPRS out of it..........Click for more



Source Web Page: The Hindu

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