Wacom bamboo touch

Over the last few years, notebook and netbook PC users have grown used to the luxury of a multi-touch trackpad. At least I have, and it bothers me enormously when I find a laptop or netbook that doesn't have one.

Multi-touch started being available to users with Apple's iPhone OS and Macbooks. Synaptics soon brought this functionality to mainstream laptops and netbooks. Google introduced this functionality in a software update in February this year. Version 2.1 and above phones support pinch-to-zoom functionality on the phone's browser, gallery, and mapping applications. Android fans rejoiced when they found that any phone with a multi-touch capable touchscreen can support this.

A multi-touch trackpad is an intuitive and stress-free way of interacting with your operating system. Both Windows 7 and Mac OSX have built-in gesture support, which lets you flip through a library of photos, expand or reduce text size while browsing by using a pinch action on the touchpad.........Click for more


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