Work On The Move

Nikil Murugan's Swift is living up to its name in a special way. Equipped with a wide-screen computer (Internet- and Skype-enabled), a scanner and a printer, the car assists the PR professional, deliver news about his clients in the film industry to media houses as swiftly as possible.

To make room for the computer, Nikil has removed the bucket seat for the passenger.

The computer monitor is screwed on to the floor with a rod. “The computer can be operated by anyone sitting in the rear seat. This design and the wide screen allow the operator to work in reasonable comfort,” says Nikil. He has stocked up on CDs, pen drives and voice recorders. He recalls occasions when he organised quick interviews in the car and made wav files of them and delivered the CDs to media houses.

As Nikil has installed an FTP server, he is often spared the trouble of visiting media houses. “Thanks to the FTP server, I can upload trailers of films and ask media houses to access them.”..........Click for more


Source Web Page: The Hindu

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