Would you like accessories with that iPad?

When Apple began selling the first iPods, millions of people were delighted with its ease of use. You’d pay for the songs you downloaded from iTunes and what else would you need?

The iPod owners soon bought millions of cases, speakers and chargers.

When the iPhone arrived, millions of people signed up for the data plan, charged the battery and started buying cases, docks and better-quality earphones (not to mention apps).

No one was too surprised, then, that when the iPad arrived last month the ecosystem of accessories was already rapidly expanding.

Because the iPad was designed with an exposed screen and without a camera, separate keyboard, memory card slots or U.S.B. ports, you could say it was built for accessories. Many owners will have an inclination to modify it in some way, whether for mere decoration or hard-core protection........Click for more


Source Web Page: The New York Times

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