Traditional paddy helps strike gold in the time of drought

Drought, unseasonal rains, wilting crops, soaked harvest, suicides and clamour for compensation. These are the words that one associates with farming these days. However, amidst the gloom, a woman farmer, who refused to give in to the vagaries of nature, is a beacon of hope for the distressed. While paddy crops in various districts were damaged, A Gandhi, from Sundarappatti, who cultivated traditional paddy on her one acre field, has bagged a decent harvest of 2,650 kg, and that too, without using fertilizers.

She has also got five tonnes of straw, post harvest, which could earn her some extra income.
The Rural Organisation for Social Education (ROSE), an NGO, has been working towards promoting traditional paddy varieties since 2011. As part of the ROSE initiative, 15 traditional paddy varieties were cultivated in about 250 acres across 15 villages of the district...............Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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