Pesticide on Your Platter

Chew on this — government labs which analysed samples of vegetables, fruits, milk and other food items collected from various retail and wholesale outlets across the country have found residues of non-approved pesticides in them.

According to the latest government report, Monitoring of Pesticide Residues at National Level for the year 2014-15, out of the 20,618 samples analysed, 12.5 per cent had residues of non-approved pesticides in them.  While pesticide residues were detected in 3,857 samples (18.7 per cent), 543 samples (2.6 per cent) were found to be having pesticide residues above the MRL (maximum residue limit). No residues were detected in 16,761 samples (81.3 per cent). The samples collected during 2014-15 were analysed by 25 labs. In the lab findings, non-approved pesticides like acephate, bifenthrin, acetamiprid, triazofos, metalaxyl, malathion, acetamiprid, carbosulfan, profenofos and hexaconazole, among others, had been detected..................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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