Irrigation key to farm growth, say seminarists

It didn't receive priority on suggestions to improve farm sector development in Friday's PMEAC's report. At a time when Genetically Modified or GM crops and agri-biotech is being pitched as the best road to exponentially hiking crop yield in the country, water and irrigation received their rightful place centrally in the debate. Several key speakers at a seminar stressed that the most important area for investment in agriculture today related to the provision of water, irrigation and its most efficient use.

"The challenge of managing our water resources in a rational and sustainable manner will require action on many fronts and coordination across different sectors of the economy" Mr A K Bajaj, Chairman, Central Water Commission and Ex-Officio Secretary to the Government of India, said here today at the inaugural session of the National Seminar on Increasing Water Efficiency in Agriculture Sector organized by CII...........Read More


Source Web Page: The Economic Times

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