Flower and the glory

Even in this searing heat, flowers add colour and cheer. SUBHA J RAO speaks to terrace gardeners and experts on how you can have your own patch of happy blooms

The terrace at Pushpa Raju’s home on Periyar Road, T. Nagar, is a colourful tiny oasis in the midst of Chennai’s bustling shopping hub. If the roads below are all about blaring horns, petrol fumes and people ready to swoon from the heat, in Pushpa’s balcony, you can hear birdcall — courtesy, her flower and vegetable patch. The birds are particularly drawn to her flower pots, featuring varieties of hibiscus, nandhiyavattai (Tabernaemontana coronaria), kanakambaram (Crossandra infundibuliformis) and nithyamalli (Catharanthus roseus). There’s a riot of colours out there — red, pink, purple, white, yellow…

Much has been written about Chennai’s terrace gardens and the vegetables and fruits raised there. But, standing cheerful among the star vegetables are flowering plants that thrive even during the harsh summer.

Pushpa, 62, spends about four hours with her plants every day, and specially loves the star of her garden — chembaruthi. She has the adukku and molagai varieties and also the regular ones in varied shades. Then, there’s the orangish ‘Delhi’ kanakambaram.................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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