The future is farm fresh

Future Farms ventures into professional tropical hydroponics and comes up with new products. Sujatha Shankar Kumar takes a look

Why not make every rooftop a mini farm and every resident an urban farmer? This is the question on Sriram Gopal’s mind, who started off as a regular hobbyist, and is now a commercial farmer. His concern Future Farms, constantly gets inquiries on hydroponics — growing plants without soil and using automated watering systems.

Within minutes of my arrival at their set-up at Kottivakkam, I sample dry basil, cinnamon basil, large leaf Italian basil and curry leaf, and their flavours and fragrances linger for a long time. Chinese kale grows in nutrient-rich water and spinach sprout in sponge substrate. Edible fish as well as ornamental species like Japanese Koi and Pacu are harvested in tanks with circulating water.

Sriram’s entrepreneur father, Gopalakrishnan, pioneered indigenous photographic printing and film processing technology in Chennai in the 1970s. In later years, he had a debilitating spinal cord injury. By 2011, Sriram was running a product development company and eager to get his father tinkering around again, he continually proposed projects....................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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