The Green Mile

While water scarcity is no longer an issue, space scrunch and lack of knowledge is still a problem for anyone looking to go organic and grow their own food. “The culture of gardening is catching on and there are various groups on Facebook (like Chennai Organic Terrace Gardeners and Grow your own veggies) that gives useful information,” says Anoop Kumar CP, a city-based farming and horticulture consultant. Also, at times like this, where water pollution is rampant, plants can help. “In the wake of rains, you will realise how growing plants like canna (its roots) can help in purifying dirty water,” says Sumithra Srikant, an interior designer and a gardener for nine years. We speak with other experts who are creating forums to mobilise knowledge on going green..............Read more


Source: INDULGE The New Indian Express

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