As you reap, so shall you add value to farm produce

A fusion of traditional practices, management expertise and technology has taken agriculture to a higher level at a farm located in Udayampuli Village of Tirunelveli district. Jaycee Agro Farms has emerged as a model in which the farmer is in control of the food chain — from production to marketing.

The farm, spread over 200 acres (and an additional 250 acre of leased land), adopts a biodiversified cropping pattern (paddy, fruits and vegetables) and is home to about 51,000 trees, all belonging to native species. It has an interconnected drip irrigation network with six percolation ponds, six open wells and 28 borewells, in addition to rainwater harvesting infrastructure.

The water grid, which can be operated with an Android phone, ensures uninterrupted supply. The organic, bio and biodynamic manure and pesticides produced at the farm are tested in an in-house laboratory. The dairy unit provides the ingredients for manure production. Units are being set up to process fruits, vegetables; produce herbal powders and cold-pressed oils.

Lack of value addition

“Our objective is to prove that farming can be very profitable. Farmers suffer due to absence of processing and value addition facilities. They can give us their produce raised as per our specifications for value addition and we assure them a price much higher than the market price,” said K. Jayachandran, one of the two promoters. He picks out moringa, basil, lemon and amla as crops that fetch good prices in the export market with value addition in the form of amla juice, moringa powder, curry leaves powder and the like. The farm has achieved breakeven within a few years of operation.....Read more

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