Growing salad sans soil

Flowers and fruits like pansies and raspberries are known to grow and flourish in colder climates. A desire to taste them meant waiting till one had an opportunity to go abroad or settle for the imported brands of dehydrated fruits.

Recently when my dessert came with a pansy on top instead of a cherry at a star hotel, I was caught between the idea of cancelling the order and deciding on which kidney to part with. Out of curiosity, I enquired where the flowers came from/ ‘A few kilometres from the heart of the city, from a village on the Medchal highway,’ came the reply.

This made me doubt my knowledge on that variety of flowers, so I turned to Google for more information on the suitable flowering conditions for these exotic flowers. While I wasn’t wrong, the information provided to me on these flowers growing in a hot and dry city like Hyderabad wasn’t false either. Clearly, Hyderabad is now growing more than just pansies.

My next move was to track down these people who grew them in this part of the world, which also introduced me to hydroponic farming....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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