New hydroponics farming technique to help augment fodder cultivation

An engineer, retired from the Electricity Board (EB), Madurai, has found a different form of vertical farming for fodder cultivation, known as hydroponics, which can serve as an alternative feed for cattle during the drought.

Ponvairan, the Madurai engineer, started this cultivation on a farm near Thattanoor village, with the help of the Veterinary University Training and Diagnostic Centre in Madurai.
When Madurai District Collector K Veera Raghava Rao visited the farm, Ponvairan explained the process employed.  “The pulses and seeds are initially soaked in cow-dung manure for 12 hours so that the seed can sprout in 24 hours. After it is soaked, it is spread out on a tray and the sprout reaches full growth in five days,” he said. While the pulses seeds cost `8 per kilogram, the maize seeds cost ` 5 per kilo. Both can be used for hydroponics cultivation..................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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