A farm-fresh carnival in Chennai

Within an hour of setting up his stock for sale, Udagamandalam -based farmer Prakash A has completely sold out three different vegetables. The mechanical engineering graduate, who has been cultivating multiple crops on his land for the last four years, says, “I had brought in 1,000 kilograms of potatoes but put only 500 kilograms up for sale today. We fell short.”

By 4 pm, the 27-year-old had only 70 kilograms of potatoes left, and had run out of red and white radishes, as well as carrots and beetroot leaves, punctuating sales talk with tales of his farm and home town when asked by friendly shoppers.

“People in Chennai are familiar with beet, but the customers here hadn’t seen betroot leaves before. It got sold out within one hour,” he says, attributing the speed of sales, in part, to the freshness of his produce. An elderly shopper nods in agreement off-handedly, preoccupied with checking out his stock of peas and broccoli with an eagle eye. Prakash is not the only one to have seen unexpectedly good sales on Sunday. .....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu



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