Gujral's Green Revolution

Jaspreet Gujral’s passion for organic farming went to a different level the day he became EduCare India’s Country Ambassador. Currently, pursuing an MTech in Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida, Jaspreet wanted to merge his education with his passion by way of training the farmers from Punjab in oganic farming.

Speaking of the event that drew him to EduCare, he recalls, “One of my friends, who used to work with EduCare, introduced me to the Head of EduCare India. He liked my idea of vertical organic farming and approved my internship, as a part of which, I worked in small village called Januari in Hoshiarpur. I engaged almost ten farmers and their family and encouraged them towards organic farming. I worked there for two months.” Farming is a fast-fading profession and an increasing number of youth are turning away from it. The reason for this, according to him was that Gen-Y had seen their families suffering from heavy loan debts, crop loss and reeling under costly conventional farming. “The Punjab government is not doing anything to promote organic farming, instead they are focusing on industrialisation rather than agriculture................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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