Bihar man wins prestigious agriculture award for developing high-yield cauliflower seed

A 35-year-old cultivator of cauliflower has won the prestigious National Grassroots Innovation Award. He is the first person from Bihar to win the award.

Sanjiv Kumar, who matriculated from a government school in Chakwara, has developed a special variety of high-yield cauliflower seed named as the Sanjiv-Selection (SS) after years of in-field experiments at his village.

The National Grassroots Innovation Award was conferred upon him by President of India, Ram Nath Kovind in Gujarat on March 15 for his extraordinary works in the fields of cultivating seeds for cauliflower, without any kind of formal education in the concerned field.


Kumar has been motivating the farmers of Chakwara village in Vaishali district since 2005. He set up the Andata Kissan Club in a room of his thatched house that year.

He took the villagers to fields and motivated them to start seed cultivations in order to improve their economic condition. .....Read more


Source web page: New indian Express

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