Sustainable agricultural practices

Solvay, an international chemical group and a leader in guar derivatives has teamed up with L’Oréal in a scalable three-year project to teach and promote sustainable agricultural practices among 1,500 guar bean farmers across ten villages in India’s desert region of Bikaner, Rajasthan state. Solvay is a world leader in guar derivatives and supplies its customers who formulate these ingredients in a variety of applications such as in food, cosmetics, oil & gas extraction and textile industries.

Grown mainly in India’s semi-arid regions, guar is the main resource for many farming communities but its production is volatile as it relies on monsoon rains. Solvay’s ‘sustainable guar initiative’ aims to empower countless farmers with the tools and knowledge to cultivate the crop through good agricultural practices in accordance with United Nation’s Food & Agricultural Organisation), resulting in more continuous, high-yield production..................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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