Doc, you got your diagnosis wrong! The elephant is pregnant

COIMBATORE: With many wild elephant deaths reported from Coimbatore region in the past few months, this one is surely heart-warming. A 30-year-old female elephant that was found weak and unable to move in the forest near Anuvavi Subramanyaswamy Temple near Thadagam on the city’s outskirts and later shifted to the Chadivayal elephant camp for treatment delivered a male calf early on Monday. 

A pleasant surprise that may be, but the incident has also raised questions about the treatment provided by the veterinarians to the sick mammal. Animal enthusiasts wonder how the veterinarians missed the simple fact that the elephant was pregnant when they examined it. They also asked how the Forest Department could allow it to be lifted with a crane and  transported in a lorry to Chadivayal, 35 km away from Thadagam, if they knew it was pregnant....Read More


Source Web Page: New Indian Express 

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