Egg fossils crack open secrets of ancient flying reptiles

Welcome to Pterosaur Park.

Palaeontologists have uncovered more than 200 fossilised eggs belonging to the flying reptiles that soared during the age of dinosaurs. The discovery, published in the journal Science , is the largest collection of pterosaur eggs found so far.

“I remember looking at the specimens and saying that’s not possible,” said Alexander W.A. Kellner, a palaeontologist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and an author on the paper. “We had less than 10 eggs before and now we have found hundreds in one spot.”

The find could help advance our understanding about the early lives of the extinct winged creatures, including their relationships with their parents. Pterosaurs were the first creatures — after insects — to evolve powered flight, meaning they flapped their wings to stay aloft instead of simply jumping and gliding.....Read more


Source web page:The Hindu

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