Chanting as cult

The Delta was ideally fertile to sow seeds of bhakti, which gave rise to music as a form of worship

“All streams flow into one ocean shedding their different names to merge into that One Source” — goes a simile on the essence of the Upanishads. Water, therefore, has been a great unifier. One of the Panchabhuta-s, Water is a “divine” unifier, say Vedic hymns and Epics highlighting its importance. Rivers, the gift of Nature, have spiritual significance in this country. It is therefore not surprising that Cauvery, described as one of the five Gangas, has nurtured along her course a unique culture of literary, artistic, and devotional trends that has enlightened innumerable souls, some of whom attained supreme status through utter devotion (bhakti) and total surrender (prapatti) to the Absolute......................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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