Choreographed with care

Contrary to the usually colourful and dramatic ensemble dance presentations was Mohiniyattom dancer Pallavi Krishnan’s group performance that was monochromatic, slow and serene. While the attributes are generic to the dance style that is lasya-oriented with flowing torso movements, dips and undulating levels, set to a slow tempo, not going beyond madhyama kala, and where even the expression of emotion is stylistically tempered, credit must go to Pallavi for retaining it in its purest form. The recital was at The Music Academy.

Pallavi comes with impressive credentials that include academic and practical training. She studied Kathakali and Mohiniyattom at the Viswa Bharathi University, Santiniketan, under Guru Kalamandalam Sankaranarayanan and at Kerala Kalamandalam under Guru Kalamandalam Leelamma, besides being guided by Guru Bharati Shivaji and Guru Kalamandalam Sugandhi.

The group, consisting of Pallavi, Sheena Sunil, Manju, Shalini and Aiswarya, opened with a melodious Ganapati stuti (Puranir, Adi, Kavalam Narayana Panikkar) that however raised a question about group choreography. Mohiniyattom had been designed as a solo art form, and often group presentations simply have the dancers replicating the same adavus at the same time, as it happened here..........Read more


Source web page: The Hindu 

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