How is sound created in a xylophone?

From Agam’s fusion to Bhimsen Joshi’s brocade shawl to fusion a la Rahman, an experiential museum pays eclectic homage to music

The wedding brass band, Lata perennials on the paan shop transistor, deshbhakti songs at rallies, amplified M.S. at the roadside temple — wanted and unwanted, beautiful and cacophonous, music surrounds Indian life at all times and in all places. But there have been few efforts to document its all-pervasive and powerful place in our lives.

You could walk into the Kelkar museum in Pune and marvel at the sight of Hirabai Badodekar’s tanpura, linger over the instrument collection at Sangeet Natak Akademi’s collection, or catch a priceless 1940s recording in the Music Academy archives. But music as a lived, eclectic experience, beyond the artefacts, that hasn’t been showcased enough.

Some of this is set to change with the distinctly designed structure that sits in a corner of south Bengaluru’s J.P. Nagar. Indian Music Experience (IME), opened late last year, seeks to gather the bewilderingly rich history of Indian music, both modern and contemporary. You can call it a 'museum' only in the widest sense of the word, for here music is meant to be touched, heard and absorbed intimately.....Read more


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