Many poignant moments

What could be new or engaging after an artiste presents a slew of concerts in December? One with a rich imagination can deliver something fresh in a performance early January. S. Shashank for instance, treated the audience to a classic fare, which showcased the ace flautist’s manodharma. Ahead of his performance for Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, Shashank said, “In December, we always try to present plenty of concerts. The catch is to find a balance between classicism and mass appeal.”

His sound foundation standing him in good stead, Shashank came up with a scholarly rendition, his creativity in full swing. And it was from the heart. To begin with, he asked the audience, “Shall we start with a varnam,” and painted Sri Raga varnam with all its aesthetics.

Great team

Shashank and Patri Satish Kumar (mridangam) make a great team, as found at several local/national venues. This was no exception. He had also Nagai Sriram (violin) ably assisting him throughout. Finely wrought ideas glistened with nuances in the Latangi alapana, albeit brief, the artiste’s experience coming to the fore. The song was Patnam Subramanya Iyer’s ‘Marivere Dikkevvaru.’


The slow swarakalpana stood for serene beauty leading to a faster tempo. The flautist continued building the edifice in the faster swaras with the stress on Panchamam in the final long sally.....Read more


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