A writer speaks out on the complex issues one has to forge to get CSR funding in India

In 2014 when Parliament threw open the doors to corporate money for social causes, NGOs in India heard the tills ringing. International donors are wise to the fact that India is home to 4% of the world's billionaires and the constant refrain I hear is, "India's billionaires should share their wealth to solve India's problems".

While the law doesn't address personal philanthropy, assigning 2% of a company's pre-tax profits to fulfil its corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a welcome start to supporting the work of non-profits that are tirelessly tackling India's greatest problems.

I write grants and raise funds for a nonprofit hospital and school in rural Chhattisgarh. Most non-profits depend on external funding for capital improvements, programmes, equipment and infrastructure to scale their reach.............Read more


Source: The Economic Times

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