Volunteering can give companies a competitive advantage

Team building now has a new name — voluntary work

Companies are now more open than ever before to allowing their employees to take up volunteering work. In fact, it is much more than that. Companies now actively encourage their employees to look for volunteering opportunities. Many of them are even generous with incentives, monetary and non-monetary, to promote a spirit of volunteering among their workforce.

Take the example of Cognizant. It has instituted a quarterly rewards programme to recognise employees who have made outstanding contributions to Outreach, the company’s social initiatives programme that is focused on education and is run by over 50,000 employee volunteers.

“We have found that employees feel empowered when they have the freedom to choose and execute projects cherished by them. Excelling in their real-life goals on the field leads to increased motivation levels at the workplace too,” says Archana Raghuram, global head, Cognizant Outreach....................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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