Humility will decide your next increment

Blowing your own trumpet at workplace may no longer get you an extra point on your performance sheet, so just turn down the volume a bit. A flashy and braggadocio behaviour, which may have helped boost an individual's career, is unlikely to win many friends in office. Humility is making a quiet entry as one of the virtues at workplace with some companies including it as a key behavioural trait in the performance management system.

The $1.3-billion Piramal Group has included humility as one of the success factors in its high-performance behaviour chart. The conglomerate, with interests as diverse as healthcare and financial services, has come out with 'Piramal Success Factors', which include "think big", "serve customers", "collaborate" and "humility". "Our performance management process considers humility as an important input..................Read more


Source: The Times of India

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