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Ayyamittu Unn, with community fridge units that are popping up across the city, offers food to the disadvantaged, and clothes too

Mecsa and Kumud, migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh are bickering over a yellow dupatta, having rummaged through shelves of clothes in the community fridge, known as Ayyamittu Unn, installed in Besant Nagar. The elder sister relents and they leave with the dupatta, a red churidhar and T-shirt. Their uncle is waiting in an auto, to take them back home. They say they come here at least once every month and are never disappointed. Shortly, a trinket seller on Elliot’s Beach stops by with her three-year-old son, explores the same shelves and takes a pair of socks, as the guard of the unit looks on.

Started in August last year primarily as a community fridge where people could leave leftover food for the poor, Ayyamittu Unn now seems to attract more clothes than food. ‘Ayyamittu Unn’ is a Tamil proverb which translates to “offer your food to others before eating it yourself”. The first unit was installed outside the tennis club in Custom Colony, Besant Nagar by orthodontist Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine of The Public Foundation that runs the initiative. The Besant Nagar Tennis Club provides electricity for running the fridge. The foundation has since installed three more such units in the city, in Alandur, Ashok Nagar and Kandanchavady....Read more


Source web page: The hindu

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