Abilympics in Chennai gives jobs to 130 people with disabilities

Meenakshi S has a smile that reaches her eyes, slightly bashful. She flashed us one of those, as she took a break from sewing golden threads onto an sea-green cloth in front of her. The 18-year-old was one of the 400 people with disabilities — physical, visual, and auditory — who participated at the 19th edition of Abilympics, a vocational competition in fields such as tailoring, jewellery making, baking, graphic designing and floral arrangement. It was organised by Sarthak Educational Trust and National Abilympic Association of India, at Tattvaloka in Teynampet, over the weekend.

“I’m usually much better than this,” said Meenakshi, waving her hand at the design she had managed so far. Her sister, standing beside her for company through the three-hour competition, whipped out her phone as proof. “Look,” she said, showing a photo of a sapphire blue blouse that she had designed the day before.

“Today, I feel awkward with all these people around, all the cameras…” said Meenakshi, shifting in her wheelchair.Read more

Source web page: The Hindu

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