A differently abled person makes a mark as an entrepreneur

When agriculture and its related activities are proving to be a tough task for normal individuals, Manisha, a differently abled person from Kerala is proving that physical disabilty (intellectual disability) is not a deterrent when it comes to making a mark in this field as an entrepreneur and getting recognised for it.

Manisha’s father, Mr. Philip M. Simon is an active member of Parivar (National confederation of Parents’ Organisations for persons with intellectual and development disabilities.) It is an association recognised by the Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment.

Typical vocations

The typical vocational activities that the differently abled are taught are making soaps, candles, ornamental flowers, bags etc. However these are monotonous in nature and bore the children, so Manisha s father thought “Why not try something different — like agriculture, horticulture or gardening,” since these are being increasingly used in training programmes for such people in foreign countries..........Read More


Source: The Hindu

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