Cinema for everyone: Chennai multiplex now screens shows for persons with disabilities

For eight-year-old Vardhana, Sunday was going to be fun. Dressed in a black and cream coloured frock, she hops and skips into the theatre, excitedly holding on to her father’s hand. This is the first time Vardhana, a child with learning disabilities, is getting a chance to be herself inside the movie theatre.

Most often than not, the entertainment facilities in the city are under-equipped to accommodate people with disabilities. But all this is beginning to change with the introduction of SENS by SPI Cinemas.

“More than the film, she is enjoying the experience. We’ve never sat through for a film for so long, this is our first. We don’t get to take our daughter to many places in the city,” says her father, Anwar Basha, adding, “It is the case with most children with learning and intellectual disabilities. Apart from home and school, if they get to go out, it might be to a different city/town."

As Preetha Ramaswamy, Head of PR at SPI puts it, SENS is a part of SPI’s ‘cinema for everyone’ project. “It is an ambitious project. We’ve been looking at ways to use cinema as a social change project. One of it is our inclusive screening. When the pilot show went well, we decided to make it a monthly affair,” she says.....Read more


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