KR Raja Published: 09th July 2018 Raja-vin Paarvai Prison Pakkam: How this diff-abled educator is putting convicts' kids through school

A differently-abled prison activist, KR Raja has been addressing the issues of more than 200 children of incarcerated parents to help them live a better life

For the prisoners in the remote pockets of Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Kanyakumari districts, KR Raja is their only hope, especially for their families. Many of these inmates, who are serving life sentences for killing their spouses, have left behind children who are often ignored and taunted by society for being the offspring of a criminal. But in reality, they are ultimately innocent children who are lost in the system for no fault of their own. Sadly, they suffer from depression, pain and other psychological trauma, which they channel into aggression. Through his organisation, Global Network for Equality (GNE), Raja strives to break this cycle of violence and crime by providing support to these children in the form of basic necessities, education and counselling. With the help of his crutches, Raja has been moving around rural villages of the state in search of children of incarcerated parents. He is someone who stands tall despite all the things that hold him back. ...Read more


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