Surge seen in advanced technology to help people with different abilities

There has been a surge in advances in technology powering assistive devices for people with different abilities. Much sought-after among them is an array of websites and applications catering for persons with learning disabilities. But given the varying levels and types of disabilities, the effectiveness of this adaptive technology remains a concern among special educators.

Technological assistance for dyslexia (a learning disability that affects reading and writing skills) may not require specialised applications. “For instance, the use of spell-checks can allow the person with learning difficulties to remain focused on the task of communication,” says R. Subramanium, professor, Rehabilitation Council of India.

There are easy options available for others, he adds, pointing to the commonly used talking calculator that is a boon for persons with dyscalculia, which affects mathematics skills. “The voice output gives feedback to the user, helping him/her identify input errors. Additionally, hearing the answer can provide a check against the transposition of numbers commonly reversed in reading by people with dyslexia or dyscalculia, but few use it here.”........Read More

Source: The Hindu

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