When you heal, you begin with do-re-mi

They play, they sing and sometimes even compose to heal. Music therapists believe that a person suffering from any medical problem from hypertension and stress to pain and fear will heal faster if they get a planned dose of music over time. And music therapy is slowly gaining popularity in the city as people look for alternative ways to get well soon.

"Indians were the pioneers of music therapy and it has existed for over 5,000 years. It is now well researched and does wonders for patients," says Dr T Mythili, cognitive neuro psychologist and music therapist, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Therapists either give importance to listening, known as passive form of music therapy, or get patients to participate, which is the active form of music therapy. "The active form is more to do with movement. Patients suffering from disorders such as neurological aphasia or receptive or expressive aphasia need active music therapy," says Mythili. Passive music therapy is used to improve concentration and memory, and reduce stress........Click for more


Source Web Page: The Times of India

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