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For Shantanu Mukherjee , winters invariably meant freezing on the pavements of Delhi.A resident of the city for 12 years, he had coped with the biting cold before, but this year it was especially unforgiving.

“This year the winters have gone really bad and sleeping on streets is a major challenge as cold doesn’t let you sleep and also it’s the police that add to the woes”, he said.

Fortunately for Mukherjee and other rickshaw pullers in Old Delhi, a solution was at hand. They started spending their nights at a shelter in the walled city’s Chandni Chowk area.

An estimated 150,000 people live on the streets of Delhi, perhaps 10,000 of them, children.

Mukherjee’s winter-time refuge, Rain Basera, is run and managed by Ashraya Adhikar Abhiyan, a non-profit organization. Funding for the shelter comes from ActionAid...........Click for more



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