Focus on senior-friendly homes

A large number of business-savvy Gujaratis now live outside Gujarat, often moving abroad, leaving many of their family members, particularly the elderly, to stay back in their home-towns. Many such elders, often because of age-related problems, are showing an increasing preference for moving into old-age homes.

That is why Gujarat now has a large number of such homes. But many of these homes for seniors have re-invented themselves and are now swank and air-conditioned, almost like a starred hotel or resort. Moreover, homes of this kind now have a ‘waiting list' of up to five years. The Acron Group is launching such Vivara Residences as a nation-wide chain of world-class residential communities for senior citizens, keeping in view their specific demands, needs and aspirations. Dr John Britto, Director, told Business Line that the first property, in North Goa, is being launched in the next three months. In the pipeline are also projects at Coorg, Kerala, Puducherry, Shirdi, Rishikesh, Vrindavan and on the outskirts of major cities. Acron Senior Living is a part of the diversified Acron group with a presence in property development, hospitality, infrastructure projects and retail...........Click for more



Source Web Page: The Hindu

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