Tech-that! Senior citizens take lessons to learn smart phones, computers

It is often said that learning has no age limit. The statement certainly stands true for the senior citizens from Thane who are signing up for tech classes to be a part of the digital age.
On the occasion of National Technology Day which is to be observed on Friday, TOI speaks to the elderly community who are attending smart phone operation, computer application sessions and workshops to familiarize themselves with the upcoming technology. 

Retired Colonel Dr MV Surange (80), a resident of Hiranandani Estate said, “I was always interested in computers and was fascinated by the internet, but couldn’t pursue it further. With new means of technology coming in, I thought it is important for me to know all this trending stuff. So when I came across a senior citizen club in my neighbourhood which offered a computer learning course I decided to attend. There are around 10 members along with me. I am learning the basic functions of a computer, how to send emails, browse through the internet etc.”
 While some are opting for a foundation course in computers, many are keen on learning mobile phone application, intending to keep themselves electronically updated.
Senior citizen Sunita Kusurkar, a resident of Dombivli said, “Ever since I got an android mobile phone I was determined not to merely use it for texting but learn all the features. It took me some time but eventually I got the hang of it. Now I can use whatsapp efficiently and I am also active on Facebook. I make video calls to friends, loved ones residing across the globe. I have even learnt how to use a pen drive to transfer some songs on my phone.”....Read more
Source web page: Times of india


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