Standing Up For Those Who Cannot

For those expecting a serious looking individual with a starchy manner and an intimidating persona are in for a pleasant surprise when one encounters Dr Sujatha Srinivasan who greets you with a hearty handshake and an all-embracing smile. Chatting nineteen to a dozen, she leads to the lab where her students are at work. She explains, “We are in the process of developing assistive devices for people affected by locomotor impairments. These people can lead independent lives via the use of orthotic, prosthetic and other assistive devices.”

Srinivasan is an associate professor and head of the Rehabilitation Research and Development Centre (R2D2) in IIT-Madras. The centre is Srinivasan’s ‘brainchild’. She is a BTech (Mechanical) from Indian Institute of Technology-Madras. After graduation in 1991, Srinivasan worked in Christian Medical College, Vellore in the area of bio-mechanics. Later, she spent 15 years in the US, of which eight was spent in working in prosthetic industry. Declining  lucrative job offers from reputed companies in India and abroad, Srinivasan felt her ‘call in life’ was research and development in the field of bio-engineering, to focus on a unique environment for assistive device development to provide for the country’s rehabilitation needs. With this in mind, she returned to India in 2008............Read more


Source web page: The New Indian Express

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