Local Health Worker Training Project Chiplun (Maharashtra)

Location :  Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Chapters :   Duke/RTP, NC
Budget:   $8752 (1 Year)

Geographic and climatic factors hamper access to medical facilities in several villages of the Chiplun taluk (Ratnagiri district, Maharshtra). To address this problem, the project aims to select a total of 20 women from 10 of these villages to serve as arogyasakhis (health workers) in their own villages. The primary function of arogyasakhis is to provide basic medical assistance for common ailments like cold, fever, diarrhea and RTA. They also provide referral services, spread awareness of preventive and promotive health, and address key issues like the right to health.



The aim of the project is given below:

  • Primary health care training to 35 women selected in12 villages in hilly areas of Maharashtra that lack ready access to medical facilities
  • Selected Arogyasakhis are trained to offer basic medical assistance to fellow villagers and spread awareness of healthy living and the right to health

The project is monitored by NAVAM and run by a Chiplun-based organization called Sanwad which has been working in this region since 1995. SAATHI-CEHAT, an organisation engaged in training and advocacy initiatives in the health sector, trains the selected health workers............Read more


Source: AID



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