Imparting 'sound' knowledge of the English language

Harikrishnan, a 14-year-old teacher, pronounced the word 'standard' stressing on the ‘N’. His eager students, mostly ten-year olds, followed suit. He was teaching them how to spell words using phonics (standard phonetics for each letter of the alphabet).

There are many teachers like Harikrishnan, who are class 10 students from rural Tamil Nadu. They are proficient in the language and work part time at Vidyarambam, a trust dedicated towards educating the underprivileged children in English, Maths and Tamil. As part of the trust’s ‘Easy Learning English’ programme, the young teachers were trained by members of the trust.

Their mastery in the phonic way of teaching has now materialised into ‘Head Start’ — a new tailor programme for class five students — in which Harikrishnan and his fellow teachers will pass the technique to their juniors.................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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