Legacy, a click away

From palm-leaf manuscripts to online courses, the 111-year-old Madras Sanskrit College goes digital

It’s lunch hour at the Madras Sanskrit College in Mylapore. Dhoti-clad students bustle about the corridors; a sincere few are bent over their books in the near-empty classrooms; three young men, their long hair rolled into neat buns, chatter as they lounge by the corridor — on first sight, it appears as though the everyday scenes at the 111-year-old institute haven’t changed much since its inception.

But a monumental change is brewing within the campus — it has thrown open its doors in a big way to digitisation.

Seated inside a room with lime-washed walls and green wooden rafters, Ramesh Mahalingam, the trustee who handles the college’s digital initiative, speaks of how they want to turn “the bricks-and-mortar institute into a digital campus which will make the language visible throughout the world.”

Mahalingam feels that the time is ripe for the digitisation process, with yoga and Ayurveda gaining popularity.....................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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