IIT-M Brainchild May Solve Chronic Teacher Crunch at Schools

Remember that one instance in school, acutely embarrassing for most, where students had to conduct a seminar for the entire class! A project led by a team of IIT Madras’ professors has taken the concept and tweaked it in an effort to find a solution to India’s chronic shortage of teachers at the Primary level in rural schools.

The experimental ‘C minus 4’ program, for which funding has been secured recently, will see older students teaching primary level students in their schools in subjects and chapters they are comfortable with.

Brainchild of Professor Pijush Ghosh, the premise behind the venture is simple - “A student of a class ‘C’ is capable of teaching students of a class four years lower ‘C minus 4’ if properly trained.” “A student of class 8 for example, can be trained to teach a student of class 4 in a subject that he or she is comfortable with,” said Joseph Thomas, V P Development, IIT Madras Alumni Charitable Trust...............Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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