Making it a class apart

Working with children gives you a kind of fulfilment that no other job can,” Sruthi Kumar says as she explains how she switched jobs — from a marine biologist studying turtles in the Lakshadweep to a Montessori teacher.

Sruthi is one of the many people in the city who are switching jobs to become teachers.

For her, the draw is the excitement of the job.

“Most people do not see teaching as an exciting career, but I can honestly say that no two days are the same. I give a variety of lessons to a variety of children and each group responds differently,” she says.

Two years ago, S. Vishnupriya was a technical team leader at Infosys. Now, she is a teacher at Mahindra World School, teaching Class I children. “In my previous job, I would always want to go back to my school days. Last June, I made a decision to go ahead and teach,” she says. “People are always complaining about the quality of education. With my skill set, I can make a difference for the children I teach,” she added. The only issue she has is that it is difficult to get a B.Ed. degree after a B.Tech. So, she one will have to study another undergraduate course before getting the teacher’s degree, she says. “At present, I am happy teaching younger classes, and I will take a decision a little later on my course of action,” she says.............Read more


Source: The Hindu

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