Variety is the Spice of Life and Education

CHENNAI: India has immense hunger for education despite its abject poverty. Even the poorest of the poor would go out of their way to give a good head start for their children at a convent school,” opined Jayaprakash Narayan, founder, Lok Satta movement. It succinctly sums up the answer to the question, “Do we need foreign educators in the country?”

The other panelists comprising Amit Shovon Ray, Director, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram and NitinPai, Co-Founder and Director, Takshashila Institution, Bangalore, gave a resounding yes as they agreed that the need for foreign education is unabated. Ray was quick to point out that scholars with expertise in niche areas not only from advanced industrialised nations but from emerging economies like China, Brazil, Bangladesh, Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, should also be more



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