The language lives on

A look at the 108-year-old Madras Sanskrit College in Mylapore, which continues to draw students from across the country

It’s unlike the bustling, noisy corridors of colleges. Enter the quiet campus of the 108-year-old Sanskrit College in Mylapore and it feels like you have stepped into the sets of a mythological or historical serial.

Barefoot students clad in veshtis with angavastrams around their shoulders, many of them sporting a knotted lock of hair at the back of the head, recite shlokas, read out from ancient treatises or chant Vedic hymns. Tiny birds chirp softly in the small green patch in the centre of the building that combines old-world architectural charm with conventional concrete structures. A student walking past greets a lecturer with a namaskara, who acknowledges it with asuprabhatam and you are briefly transported to the gurukulas of for more


Source: The Hindu

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