Driving home the message about non-motorised transport

Every working day when Father Albert William sets out on his bicycle from his home inside Loyola campus at 8 a.m., it is not hard to guess where he is. “Students and staff easily recognise me and my old bicycle… I do not lock it,” says the 57-year-old, who is the vice-principal (finance) of the college.

With only a few members of the staff and students riding bicycle on campus, the ‘father on wheels' is easy to spot as he pedals from building to building on the eco-friendly bike that he has been using since 2001. “Being the campus treasurer, where I am in charge of the nine units under Loyola, I find my cycle the best mode'', he says.

The dream of riding a bicycle on dedicated cycle tracks might have taken a backseat for residents of Chennai with the Anna Nagar cycle track project hitting a roadblock. But, the least that institutions, townships and corporate houses with sprawling campuses can do is encouraging some non-motorised form of transport on their premises.......Read More


Source: The Hindu

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