‘Rising sea to swallow 10L people, 144 sq km by 2050’

As many as 10 lakh lives and 144 sq km of land in Chennai would be in danger if the sea level rises by a metre by 2050, according to a study, which pegs the loss due to such a development at `7,01,790 crore. The West Antartic Ice Sheet (WAIS), which lies mainly on bedrock under the sea, is showing signs of decreasing mass. Glaciologists believe it holds enough water to raise sea levels by 4.8 m. The Totten glacier, East Antartica, which is melting rapidly, holds enough water to raise sea levels by 3.4 m.

The study, being done by the Tamil Nadu State Land Use Research Board, is part of the Tamil Nadu State Action Plan on Climate Change. It takes into account global warming and greenhouse emissions, and stresses that coastal cities in the State, like Chennai, should be prepared for a one metre rise of sea levels by 2050....................Read more


Source: The New Indian Express

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