Deep-rooted love

His tailor, Kari, made him two green shirts to be worn on the big day. “On the first day of shooting, he wore an old khaki shirt that was frayed at the collar. He was asked to wear a better shirt the next day. But that too was frayed. So I made him new ones in the colour that defines him and his work,” says Kari. But, conductor M.Yoganathan would rather spend money on saplings than a new shirt. “Isn't that more profitable?” he asks.

Today, the 42-year-old will receive CNN-IBN's ‘Real Heroes Award' in Mumbai. For five days, the channel's crew documented his life of dedication to the environment. The video was also telecast in the channel. If a tree is being felled is the city and there is a round-faced man fighting to save it, then he is probably Yoganathan. The environmental activist is a familiar face in schools, colleges and villages around the city...........Read More


Source: The Hindu

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