Drip irrigation breaks new ground

Over 400 saplings on a section of Neelankarai beach are being nurtured through this watering system

The next time you visit Neelankarai, make sure you study an ingenious watering method that is being practised along a stretch of its beach. To overcome the issue of water shortage, residents of Neelankarai are practising drip irrigation to grow over 400 native saplings on the sands of the beach. The benefits of this green initiative, launched on September 3, are expected to go beyond beautification of the beach and the provision of shade for visitors. “Certain trees help control soil erosion,” says Nandkumar Sundaram, an orthopaedic surgeon and a resident of Casurina Drive in Neelankarai, who came up with this idea.

He was inspired by his father N. V. Sundaram, an agriculture scientist, to take up this environment-friendly initiative..................Read more


Source: The Hindu

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